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This was my first shoot playing with Manual Mode on my camera. Luckily for me, one of my dearest, and best friends was willing to be a stunning model for me! I had watched all the tutorials, I had played with the camera, but this was truly my first shoot.

Me and Ali go way back and when I asked her to be my model she was all for it. And it was so much fun! She was definitely my little guinea pig and such a good sport! Thank Ali! You're the best! I was so excited to go through these pics after the shoot and see what kind of shots we got. Like I knew they were going to be good, because Ali was a dream, but when I got down to business I was THRILLED with the outcome!

What was the best part? Ali's reaction to the photos. It was the absolute best feeling in the whole world. To hear her feedback and how much she loved the photos. Wow, did my heart just feel with delight.

That's when I knew I definitely wanted to continue this whole thing. Her happiness made me happy!

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