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Love in the Midst of Chaos

Updated: May 9, 2021

I think I have a lot of different shoots of my brother, but this one was extra special. Lukey is getting married!!!! I'm so, so excited and I love their story!

So Jess' dad and our dad have actually been friends for a really long time, so we've basically known Jess our entire lives. Me and Jess were closer growing up and hung out sort of regularly. She moved to Chicago for school and that's where my brother was living. They reconnected as friends out in the big city and it eventually flourished into something more! In May, my brother proposed and then, when Chicago's lockdown lifted I went to Chicago to take their gorgeous engagement photos!

I won't get to do their wedding, since I'll be a part of it, but I was so happy to be able to capture these for them! With the pandemic still in swing during these, the streets were empty and the city was quiet, which fortunately gave me the opportunity for some really unique and awesome shots!

Their all my favorites...but that one at the end....I LOVE extra because I feel like it's one of those images that will go down in history...truly the picture of "Love in the Midst of Chaos".

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