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Chi Town

This past October, I went to cheer on my brother, aunt and uncle who ALL ran the Chicago Marathon! 26.2 miles! Now when you hear me say I watched people run, it may sound boring, but this experience is unlike any other.

The energy is amazing. The runners are inspiring. And you're in this beautiful, amazing city.

As we eagerly await the sighting of our family members we see thousands of other runners go by. It's incredible to see all these participants....among them people we love and know!

As we see our family members approaching we get ready to cheer cheer cheer!!!! As loud as we can! And when they see us their faces light up! Just that little bit of encouragement keeps them moving!

It's not just us, all the runners love the encouragement. We're excited, so they're excited!

At mile nine, I captured some of my favorite moments!

My brother Luke who doesn't even look like he's breaking a sweat! He's the guy in the bright yellow shirt! He looks handsome, easygoing and thrilled to see his family cheering him on! (Also fun fact, my brother ran with Kevin Hart in this race! He said he was really cool and gave him encouraging words to keep going but also gave him a good laugh!)

My Uncle Adam and my Aunt Shari! He stopped his run just to come give her and his kids a hug! I thought it was so sweet!

Then you see my cousin Eli literally jumping off the ground as soon as he spots his mom, my Aunt Tanya! Him and my Uncle TJ give her the biggest hug and then walk with her for just a minute to give her loving words of encouragement.

It's hard to put into words the moments that I saw through my camera lens, but these pictures really put into sense the emotion that was present at this marathon.

They all finished the entire race under the allotted time! We were all SO SO SO proud of their accomplishment and couldn't be happier to see them cross that finish line!

P.s. If you haven't been to Chicago it's a must see city!!!

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