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The Riccardi's

This was my first time at Coe Lake in Berea and I loved it! It was a perfect place to capture shots for this family! Alisa was one of my coworkers and she has the cutest little family!

When they arrived at the location the kids didn't really seem to thrilled about pics which, let's be honest, isn't uncommon. Family pictures aren't exactly what teens and pre-teens want to be doing on a weekend afternoon. Lucky for me, I had some fun ideas up my sleeve to get them loosened up! I love making it fun for my clients! In the end, I loved the way these turned out and I was able to capture this adorable family and the love they have for each other! They were so sweet and I think they had a lot of fun! And they realized it wasn't so bad after all, plus they made mom happy! Not to mention, they got ice cream afterwards! Yum!

No, family isn't always easy to get along with. No, it's not what everyone wants to be doing on the weekend. And no, it's not always perfect. But the memories that you make are what's treasured! Always cherish the time you do have with them because you won't have it forever!

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